Reliable Logic Board Repair

Logic Board Repair Services from $219, Warranty Included

We provide reliable component-level repair services for 2011 and newer Apple logic boards, and have done so for over 10 years. We have a combined 35 years of repair experience, and can repair any issue plaguing your Apple logic board. We can repair issues such as liquid damage, drop damage, electrical damage, backlight failures, GPU & CPU issues, damaged connectors, charging & power issues, and much more. We take extreme pride in our work and back all repairs with a comprehensive 90-Day Warranty, with extended warranties (up to 2 years) available. We use the proper machines, tools, equipment and genuine Apple components, ensuring your logic board will perform as good as new–or better–guaranteed.

Board-Only & Full-Service Board Repairs Available

We offer several repair services, including Board-Only repairs (you ship us your logic board for repair) and Full-Service repairs (you ship us your entire laptop and we remove/repair/re-install your logic board). We understand not all users are comfortable removing the logic board from their system, so we provide a full-service repair option: We remove your logic board, perform all necessary board repairs, then re-install the logic board in your system and fully test it before returning your system to you. If any other components require repair, we will notify you and explain your options.

Reconditioned Logic Boards & Apple Laptops

In addition to logic board repair services, we also have a selection of reconditioned logic boards and Apple laptops on-hand for purchase. Our reconditioned boards and laptops carry the same 90-Day Warranty as our repair services, with optional extended warranties available.

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No Fix, No Pay. If we can’t fix your board, you pay nothing except return-shipping costs.

Quick & Simple Mail-In Repair Process

Our goal is your goal: to get you back up and running as soon as possible.
To make sure this happens, we’ve simplified the repair process for your logic board.

Warranty Included

All of our repair services include a standard 90-Day warranty, with optional extended warranties available.

Quick Turnaround

Most repairs are completed within 7-10 business days, so you’ll be back up and running as quickly as possible.

No Fix, No Pay

If for any reason we can’t repair your logic board, you pay nothing except a return-shipping fee of $15.00.

You’ll love how much you save.

The typical replacement cost for a 2014 MacBook Pro laptop is $1499. The typical cost to repair a liquid-damaged 2014 MacBook Pro logic board is $249. It truly pays to at least explore the option of having your logic board repaired. If you aren’t sure, shoot us an email using our Contact Form and we’ll help you decide if repairing your board is the right option for you.

We Stand Behind Our Work.

90-Day Warranty Included, Extended Warranty Available

We repair any issue with your logic board, and we do so with confidence. Top-of-the-line equipment and tools, premium materials and genuine Apple replacement parts combined with 15+ years experience in logic board and circuitry repair guarantee a reliable and high-quality repair. At this point, we’ve pretty much seen it all, and we’ve fixed it all. We guarantee all of our work with a standard 90-Day warranty, with extended warranties (up to 2 years) available.

Reconditioned Boards Available

If you’re looking to purchase a reconditioned logic board to repair a system, we have several on-hand to purchase. Our reconditioned boards carry the same 3-Month Warranty as our repair services, and are available to ship immediately.

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Reconditioned Apple Laptops

Occasionally, we have units available for sale that have been reconditioned by us. These units carry the same warranty as our repair services, and are for sale at a fraction of the price you would typically pay elsewhere for the same unit. All reconditioned laptops ship for free. Units may exhibit wear or cosmetic issues. Please see individual product pages for more details.

Mid-2012 13″ MacBook Pro

2.5GHz i5, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive

$549 + Free Shipping

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Early-2014 13″ MacBook Air

1.4GHz i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD

$619 + Free Shipping

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Mid-2013 11″ MacBook Air

1.3GHz i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD

$549 + Free Shipping

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Business Discounts

We offer discounts for bulk-repair service orders. Discounts dependent on number of boards, and restrictions do apply. For more information, please contact us using the contact form at the bottom of this page and select “Bulk Repair Inquiry” as the subject.

Board Repair FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding our board repair services. For any questions you may have that are not addressed below, please use the Contact Form below.

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Repairing a damaged or faulty logic board is considerably less-expensive than replacing the entire board. Apple charges anywhere from $450 (for older models) to $1,000 (for newer models) to replace the logic board. Even if you do pay Apple to have a new logic board installed, the chances are very good that the board is refurbished by a company like us! We can repair your logic board for much, much less than the cost of paying Apple to replace it. The savings are even greater when you compare the cost of repairing a board to that of purchasing a new computer. The cost of a new Apple MacBook Pro is around $1499. Our service to repair the logic board in a comparable MacBook Pro is around $269.

Sure! We provide Full-Service repair options where we will have you ship your entire laptop to us (you can remove your hard drive for security reasons if you would like). We then safely remove the logic board from your computer, diagnose the issue(s) and perform all necessary repairs. We then re-install the logic board, test everything to make sure the entire computer is good to go, and then ship the computer back to you. Full-Service repair is beneficial if you believe there may be more issues with your computer than just the logic board (common with liquid-damage). If we determine that there is damage to other components (keyboard, top case, battery, etc.) beyond just the logic board, we will contact you and let you know what the repair costs to replace those parts would be.

Yes! All of our repair services include a standard 90-Day comprehensive warranty. We also offer optional extended warranties for up to 2 years. If you experience any issues with the repaired logic board during the warranty period, simply contact us and we will perform in-warranty repairs at no cost to you. We cover all labor, parts and return shipping costs (1-way). The warranty does not cover any “new” damage to the board, such as liquid damage, drop-damage, or damage caused during installation of the board.

Once you submit your Repair Order via our Repair Services page , we will send you a confirmation email that includes the ship-to address for our repair center. You may ship your board as soon as we send you the repair order confirmation email.

Once you submit your Repair Order via our Repair Services page , we will send you a confirmation email that includes the ship-to address for our repair center.

We successfully repair 95% of all logic boards we receive. The remaining 5% of boards sustain “catastrophic” damage or failures, which are not repairable (by anyone–not even Apple themselves). The vast, vast majority of boards are repairable and work just as new (or better) once repaired.

A board repaired by us is as reliable as a brand new board–sometimes even more reliable. We repair boards using genuine Apple parts and components, and use premium-quality materials and top-of-the-line equipment to perform all repairs. We don’t perform “ugly bandaid repairs”, we perform high-quality, clean and precise repairs that are done correctly the first time.

We offer several repair services. The price for repair depends on your model computer/logic board, but ranges from $199 – $269. Our Full-Service repair options range from $279 to $349.

Once we complete repairs on your board, we will notify you via email. We will invoice you via PayPal to pay for the repair service, and you may pay with your PayPal account or with your credit/debit card using PayPal’s secure payment gateway. We will return your logic board to the address you select when making your payment via PayPal, so please make sure you enter the correct shipping address.

Occasionally, liquid damage to (or failure of) components on your computer other than the logic board can cause issues that are mistaken for issues related to the logic board. For example, a damaged or failed SATA/Hard Drive cable can cause the computer to not properly read a good/working hard drive. This may make it seem like the logic board has failed, as the hard drive itself works fine when connected to another computer. The actual cause, however, could be the SATA/hard drive cable. A failing or damaged top-case/keyboard assembly or battery can sometimes cause a computer to turn off immediately after turning on. This may also seem to be a logic board issue, when in fact it’s a top-case/keyboard assembly or battery issue. If we receive a logic board that we find works fine and has no issues or need for repair, we will charge a $50.00 diagnostics fee + return-shipping costs for your board. The diagnostics fee covers testing and diagnostics of the board to make sure it works without issues. We will provide information for you showing that your board in fact passed all diagnostics and testing. In the event your logic board works fine and is not in need of repair, we will contact you and let you know that your issue(s) are likely being caused by a different component on your computer, and we can recommend steps to take to resolve the issue.

Yes. Due to aging components and reliability issues with older models, we do not accept logic boards older than 2011 for repair. We also do not accept 3 logic board models that are from 2011 and 2012: Apple released a few different model logic boards that had inherent design flaws that prevent the board from ever being truly “repaired”. These boards can be temporarily repaired to a working state, but they are essentially guaranteed to fail after a short amount of time. The model boards we do not accept for repair are: 820-2915 (All 2011 15″ MacBook Pros); 820-2914 (All 2011 17″ MacBook Pros); 820-3330 (Mid-2012 15″ MacBook Pros).

Yes, however, the repair turnaround time is always longer for boards that have been “tampered” with or have had attempted repairs performed. Additionally, the “no fix” rate is higher on these boards, as they frequently have additional damage done by unqualified repair technicians that sometimes cannot be repaired (damage to the board’s internal ground plane, holes, etc).

The vast majority of liquid-damaged logic boards are repairable. However, if a board has sustained “catastrophic” amounts of liquid damage (i.e. the entire face of the board is covered in corrosion), the odds of it being reliably repaired can be pretty low, but we approach this type of situation on a case-by-case basis. If we determine that a board has “too much” liquid damage to be reliably repaired, we will contact you and let you know. In some cases, it’s more feasible to simply purchase a reconditioned board than to pay to have a board repaired that has a moderate chance of failing again in the near future. We will recommend the best option for you if this is the case.

Yes! Our reconditioned logic boards and laptops also include a standard 90-Day comprehensive warranty against any functionality issues. The warranty does not cover accidental damage such a liquid spills or drop damage. The warranty for reconditioned logic boards also does not cover damage caused during installation.

Sell Your Damaged Logic Board!

We pay top-of-market prices for your old or damaged logic board. Please see below for the prices we pay for each board model. To sell your old board, please use our Contact Form below and select “Sell A Board” as the subject.

820-2936: Up to $100.00
820-3208: Up to $80.00
820-3209: Up to $80.00

820-3115: Up to $120.00
820-3435: Up to $130.00
820-3437: Up to $130.00

820-3536: Up to $140.00
820-3476: Up to $150.00
820-3662: Up to $160.00

820-3787: Up to $160.00
820-00164: Up to $140.00
820-00165: Up to $140.00

820-4924: Up to $180.00
820-00138: Up to $200.00
820-00163: Up to $200.00

Contact Us.

If you have a question we did not address in our FAQs section above, or if you would like to inquire about business discounts, selling a damaged logic board, or a warranty question, please use the below contact form. We try our best to respond within 24 hours, but it may take up to 48 hours depending on our current work load or if it’s a Saturday or Sunday (we are not “officially” open on weekends, but we try to monitor our inbox 24/7.)

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