Warranty Information

We include a standard 90-Day Warranty on all of our repair services as well as on all reconditioned boards and laptops. This warranty covers any functional defect with your logic board that occurs within 90 days of the day you receive the logic board back. Please see below for the conditions of what is and is-not covered by the warranty.

The Warranty DOES Cover…

• Any functional failure(s) of the board that occur during normal use

The Warranty Does NOT Cover…

• Failures caused by liquid damage after you receive the logic board back

• Failures caused by abuse or misuse (including dropping or crushing the board or laptop) after you receive the logic board back

• Failures caused by tampering with, or improper installation of, the logic board (damaged connectors, broken components, etc.)

• Failures caused by connecting liquid-damaged components to the board

• Failures caused by using a third-party charger or third-party battery (why?) after your receive the logic board back

Reconditioned Logic Boards & Laptops Warranty Information

Our reconditioned boards and laptops carry the same standard 90-Day Warranty mentioned above. This warranty covers any functional issue at all with the computer or board, and carries the same stipulations outlined above–please read what is and is-not covered above very carefully. Hard drive and RAM upgrades alone do not void the warranty on reconditioned laptops (however–any damage caused during said upgrades–broken RAM clips, shorting of the board, etc.) is not covered by the warranty).

We offer extended warranty options for all repair services and reconditioned boards and laptops. We offer 1-year and 2-year extended warranty options, and these warranties stack on top of the 90-Day warranty. For example, if you purchase the 2-Year Extended Warranty, your total warranty period will be 2 years + 90 days. To purchase extended warranties, please indicate which warranty you would like to purchase when submitting your order.

Sell Your Damaged Logic Board!

We pay top-of-market prices for your old or damaged logic board. Please see below for the prices we pay for each board model. To sell your old board, please use our Contact Form below and select “Sell A Board” as the subject.

820-2936: Up to $100.00
820-3208: Up to $80.00
820-3209: Up to $80.00

820-3115: Up to $120.00
820-3435: Up to $130.00
820-3437: Up to $130.00

820-3536: Up to $140.00
820-3476: Up to $150.00
820-3662: Up to $160.00

820-3787: Up to $160.00
820-00164: Up to $140.00
820-00165: Up to $140.00

820-4924: Up to $180.00
820-00138: Up to $200.00
820-00163: Up to $200.00